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Photo Mode Tool

File Details:
Size: 624kB
Version: v2.11
Replaces: No files will be replaced
Release date: July 2019
Made by: Ghostinthecamera & Hattiwatti, powered by Injectable Generic Camera System by Otis_Inf / website

With this Injectable camera tool for DiRT Rally 2.0 (game version v1.6.0+) you can create screenshots from whatever angle you want. You can go up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out, tilt and more with the camera to get unlimited camera movement and rotation for your perfect screenshots. The tool only works in the replay mode of the game and be aware that you still need a software program like Fraps or Nvidia Geforce Experience to take the actual screenshots. In the download you can find all the info on how to get it to work.

Video: Click play button.


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