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WRC 2016 Sponsor Mod

File Details:
Size: 375MB
Version: v1.1 (update from 1.0 to 1.1, made a small but important fix to one of the sponsors)
Replaces: Stage sponsors and track arches
Release date: March 2016
Made by: RallyGamer

This mod changes all the rally stage sponsors and the track arches to give you a more World Rally Championship 2016 feeling. This is done by replacing all the original stage sponsors with the WRC 2016 stage sponsors.

The new sponsors are: Michelin, Certina, JDI, Lexar, Hyundai, Volkswagen, FIA Road Safety, WRC.com, WRC & MotorsTV

New sponsors appear in all rally stages. The sponsors also appear in the hillcimb stages due to how Codemasters reuses the sponsors for rally stages and hillcimb events. Rallycross is untouched so they still have the original sponsors made by Codemasters.

!!! This mod can be used with other mods and online play without a problem !!!

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