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Dirt 2.0 Mod 2009

File Details:
Size: 129MB (Compressed with 7-zip)
Replaces: Almost the complete game
Release date: April 2009
Made by: RallyGamer

A complete overhaul of the game available in all languages, display modes and in all details options concerning cars, banners, music, menus etc. (exception: banners are not available when track details are put on LOW).

Mod features in detail:

16 new cars with new car sounds:
Cars are available in all detail options and also appear as opponents.

- Citroen C4 WRC, Sebastien Loeb (2009 model).
- Citroen C4 WRC, Daniel Sordo (2009 model).
- Citroen C4 WRC, Sebastien Ogier (2009 model).
- Citroen C4 WRC, Evgeny Novikov (2009 model).
- Citroen C4 HYmotion4, Sebastien Loeb (2009 model).
- Ford Focus RS WRC, Jari-Matti Latvala (2009 model).
- Ford Focus RS WRC, Mikko Hirvonen (2009 model).
- Ford Focus RS WRC, Matthew Wilson (2009 model).
- Ford Focus RS WRC, Henning Solberg (2009 model).
- Suzuki SX4 WRC, Toni Gardemeister (2008 model).
- Peugeot 207 S2000, Kris Meeke (2009 model).
- Skoda Fabia S2000, Jan Kopecky (2009 model).
- Mitsubishi Pajero MPR12, Stephane Peterhansel (2006 model).
- VW Race Touareg 2, Carlos Sainz (2008 model).
- VW Race Touareg 2, Carlos Sousa (2008 model).
- Citroen Xsara WRC, Petter Solberg (2009 model).

Stage upgrades in all modes:

- New design and brands for banners (6x WRC event, 1x IRC event, 1x Dakar Series event and 1x Subaru Test Facility).
- New colors for the road book signs.
- New design for start, split and finish signs.
- New Arcs (WRC RedBull, IRC and Dakar Series).
- New design/color revdigital (speedometer).

Menu upgrades:

- Accurate car images in car select menu.
- Accurate driver names.
- Accurate car info: car names, power, weight and drive. Exception: 2x VW Race Touareg 2 and Mitsubishi Pajero MPR12 due to
  CMR2.0 programming setup.
- Accurate car names in the car setup menu.
- Accurate car names in stage time results.
- Stage time results are now powered by Easynet instead of Certina.
- Small alterations in the country/stage select/setup menus.
- Difficulty option changed into: amateur, pro rookie, pro champ.
- New menu music (2x), both general select menu as setup menu.

Frontend upgrades:

- New game title.
- New Codemasters logo.
- New 2009 copyright text.
- New frontend Codemasters video.
- New Bink Video image, quote from Colin Mcrae, "If in doubt...flat out!".

Other upgrades:

- Music is changed in the arcade mode.
- Fix in language select menu (switch between German and Spanish language).
- New credits.

Screenshots: Click images to enlarge them.


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